Aluminum Rectangular Planter

  • Max. dimensions 2000mm length x 1000mm width x 1000mm height
  • Heavy duty 3mm Aluminium Alloy used as standard
  • For bulk orders and bespoke shapes/sizes please contact us 
  • 5 year warranty

Aluminum rectangular outdoor planters are lighter in weight than steel, incredibly durable, and will not stain surfaces or rust. They add unmatched beauty to your contemporary design. Combine these benefits with the sustainability and recyclability of this material, and you’ve got a nearly perfect planter for indoor or outdoor use.

Rectangular outdoor planters are often used to distinguish one space from another, line walkways with a hedgelike element, and support contemporary design with dramatic silhouettes.

These beautiful rectangular outdoor planters (which may also be used indoors) will draw the eye, make lasting impressions, and start conversations about your knack for design. You’ll also notice a number of color choices, including black, bronze, white, hammered white, light grey, rust, and silver. With so many options, you have complete freedom of design.

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