Aluminum Round Planter

  • Max. dimensions 1200mm length/width x 1200mm height
  • Heavy duty 3mm Aluminium Alloy used as standard
  • For bulk orders and bespoke shapes/sizes please contact us
  • 5 year warranty

Aluminum large round planters are lightweight, exceptionally durable, rustproof, non-staining, and available in many sizes and colors. Aluminum is a recyclable, sustainable material, meaning you can feel good about purchasing this large round planter.

Uses for our large round planters are virtually endless. Flank any entryway to make it more impressive and welcoming. Employ the “rule of three” to create a focal point on a patio or in a courtyard. Or, use a series of these large aluminum round planters to define spaces, draw the eye, and make any design uniquely your own.

There are several options available to you. Add to that the many color options (silver, rust, light grey, hammered white, white, bronze, and black), and you'll be on your way to creating an indoor or outdoor design unlike any other.

When placing your order, remember to choose “without drainage holes” for indoor use and “with drainage holes” for outdoor use. This option will ensure that you get the absolute best performance from your new aluminum large round planter.

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