Blocks Privacy Screen Sets

  • made from thick gauge steel
  • hardware included
  • various configurations
  • optional accessories

Clean, crisp geometry. Like that classic block-clearing game that many know and love, the Blocks pattern gives that satisfying feeling of when everything lines up perfectly, just like it will in your living space!
*Though our Privacy Screens stand tall and sturdy on their own out of the box, we recommend anchoring them to the ground for added security and safety.
*Corten steel products arrive in their unrusted state.
*Planter not included.

Product details

blocks privacy screen 2 piece set:

45" L x 19.75" W x 52" H
weight: 37 lbs

blocks privacy screen 3 piece set:

45" L x 19.75" W x 76" H
weight: 54 lbs

blocks privacy screen 4 piece set:

45" L x 19.75" W x 100" H
weight: 70 lbs

blocks privacy screen corner set:

55.75" L x 55.75" W x 76" H
weight: 103 lbs